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Diablo Pasta Sauce.

Recipe(tried): Pasta Sauce like Carlos O'Kelly's

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From: John Coles - Lawrence 9-25-2005

I can at least tell you general ingredients as it's been a long time. I used to be a sauce cook for a Carlos O'Kelly's and this was by far my favorite. I meant to write down the quantities before I left sometime in '94. You'll have to tinker with the exact ammounts for each, but I can give you a ballpark.

It begins with the Carlos O'Kellys butter garlic sauce, which consisted of:
Powdered garlic,powdered milk, whole milk, and butter. This has to be heated to a boil and then set aside and cooled until it is creamy.

The Diablo souce itself is based around the 7oz can of Chipotle peppers in Diablo sauce. Pretty easy to find this.

The remaining ingredients are:
Liquid butter, lime juice, a bit of season salt, and garlic powder. Put this mix into a blender with the can of chipotle peppers until it's all liquified. Cool this in the fridge for a while and then mix the butter garlic sauce and the diablo sauce with about 2/3 diable and the rest butter garlic.
Good luck. Hope this helps a bit.

Oh, and the chicken is just diced onions and green peppers sauted in butter and (you guessed it) garlic. then throw in the chicken.

Also, the diablo sauce by itself is excellent to glaz over a freshly grilled steak.


Pasta Diablo
Tender pieces of Fajita Chicken, saut̩ed green peppers & onions, and rotini pasta mixed with our Diablo Sauce Рa Butter Garlic Sauce laced with the smoky flavor of chipotle peppers. Topped with Monterrey Jack cheese and sour cream. Mildly spicy.

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